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Hair Curler 3 Barrels Curling Iron Professional Hair Curler Roller Wave Wand Ceramic Triple Barrel Curly Tong Hair Styling Tools

How to choose Plug?

Product feature

1. Unique design of 3 tubes, 3 tubes simultaneously curl “S” wave, made of high-quality materials, durable.
2. The high-quality heater with curling function provides unparalleled heat distribution, humanized bending design, uniform heating throughout the process, and more comfortable operation.
3. The PTC heating element releases a large amount of negative ions and automatically repairs damaged hair, making hair healthier and more natural, longer-lasting, suitable for professional and family use.
4. Fast heating equipment, immediately heated to the most suitable feeling within 30 seconds-suitable for wet and dry hair.

How to Use The Curling Iron?

Step 1: Choose proper temperature mode according to your hair type.Wait for about 30s to heat up.

Step 2: Pick a bunch of hair under the iron. For thick hair, you need to choose less hair every time.

Step 3: Use one hand holds the tips of the iron and another hand PRESS them tightly, hold for few seconds. This step is important extremely!

Step 4: Dry hair before doing curling for better effect.

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